7 uses of a handheld GPS

The GPS technology was invented in the 70’s. Back then, it was used mainly for government uses. The GPS technology became selectively available after 2000. And the accuracy of the devices increased significantly. Not only that, but civilian uses of the devices also increased rapidly. People around the world found it very useful and there are many different ways of using one GPS device. Maybe the first association which comes to your mind would be to navigate while driving around an unknown area. However, there are many more usages of this device. Read the most popular 7 uses of a handheld GPS below.

7 uses of a handheld GPS


Since GPS systems are more accurate than our usual mobile phones, their price is also a bit different. In order to get a precise mapping, it is always better to use a GPS device. Just open the application on your handheld GPS device and start with mapping, data recording or data manipulation.

Agriculture Uses

A lot of farmers around the world found the handheld GPS device as very useful. You can determine the correct area of your field very precisely. One of the 7 uses of a handheld GPS is found in agriculture. Using a GPS handheld device, you can easily locate and map regions of your field. Many farmers found it extremely useful since they can keep track of specific spots around the field. Marking a dry or rocky area and other soil-sampling locations will allow the farmers to better plan their seedlings and grow healthy products.

Horticulture Application

The third of the 7 uses of a handheld GPS could be found in horticulture. If you are working in a huge garden you have to map the garden and keep track of everything. With the handheld GPS you can easily mark one plant’s location and add a required description.


With the availability of handheld GPS devices, the hunting became much easier. First, you can locate your vehicle. Then, it is very easy to map a hunting area and navigate through it. Also, another thing you can do is to mark your shooting stands and track the prey. Anyway, mapping a green field is also possible and very simple.


Many water activities including boating and fishing could be easily managed with a handheld GPS device. You can navigate across the water and easily return to the shore. Also, you can mark a lot of points which you find interesting or important.


Some of the handheld GPS devices are made especially for fishing and usually they are waterproof. A fisherman can now easily mark the favorite fishing spot and return to the same place anytime.


This is a combination of hiking and treasure hunting and many people enjoy it. The sport is very interesting for both adults and children. Participants in this sport can easily mark the coordinates of their “cache” and save it in the handheld GPS.


We found the 7 uses of a handheld GPS which appeared to be the most popular. Of course, many other different uses could be found. But what we realized is that people around the world find the handheld GPS as really useful. If you are already looking for some, check our GPS product reviews.


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