American Tourister Review

Traveling today became an essential part of our living. Sometimes it is really important to have a high quality and strong luggage case which will keep the items safe. Sometimes it happens that we find our luggage damaged or broken. And this is something that you would not like to happen. For that reason, the American Tourister’s has created some of the best products available on the market. Here in this American Tourister review we would introduce an interesting and valuable set of luggage cases. But first, let us say a few words about the company.

With a dream to build a tough suitcase, in 1933 the company was founded. With a great history and tradition of creating high quality and durable products, American Tourister is a leading industry brand. The company is offering a wide range of products and it would be a smart choice for you. American Tourister strives to make your trips stylish and fun, and that got them on our list of best luggage brands.

American Tourister Review

American Tourister Review – Features

In order to get great performance, durability and security, the product you are buying must have great features. This set of luggage is providing you a lot of excellent features which will make your traveling experience more comfortable. In this American Tourister review you can read more about the available features of this product.

Great Construction

The set of three different sized luggage cases are built out of 100% polyester. This is a very light but strong material. Hence, your luggage will stay safe during the longest at most difficult trips. It is important to have a sturdy construction but to keep the light weight. This is exactly what the American Tourister is providing.

Exterior and Interior Design

Luggage cases which are featuring great exterior and interior design at the same time are not easy to find. The exterior has a nice traditional look which makes your traveling experience comfortable. Its color also adds to the stylish look and beauty. When we talk about the interior, it is important to be well organized and spacious. This luggage is providing you enough free space to place your clothes and other belongings. Also, there are multiple pockets available which will keep small items safe and organized in its place.

american tourister luggage sets reviews

Performance and Mobility

The lightweight construction adds a lot to the performance and mobility of one luggage. Since this product is made out of a light material, the saving in weight is really worth. While you are rolling, pushing or pulling the luggage, you will get the best performance and mobility. This comes as a result of the available spinning wheels. The four multidirectional spinning wheels are providing a great mobility. Now you can move and transport the luggage with an ease.

Top and Side Carry Handles

In some cases it is necessary to have an additional carrying handle, top or side. The American Tourister Pop Plus set is offering you this feature. All of the handles are carefully designed in order to minimize the weight while lifting or carrying the luggage. This is very important if you have to carry the luggage a bit more than just lifting it.

Available Expansion

Are you usually facing a space problems during your travel adventures? You always need some extra space while coming back from a trip? Then, you should not worry about those problems anymore. The set of three luggage cases and a feature of expansion would provide you more than enough space. Extra pockets and available expansion are always a good combination when it comes to luggage. Plus, owning a set of luggage is one of the best and smartest ideas.

American Tourister Review

Quality Zippers

Another thing that we all put into consideration while purchasing a luggage case are the zippers. While most of them are more likely to twist or spin, this is not the case with luggage produced by the American Tourister. It is usually easy manageable problem but it is really annoying problem when you buy a brand new luggage case.

American Tourister Review – Specifications

We already examined some of the most important features of this product. Also it is important to read the specifications of one product. This set of luggage built under the name of American Tourister, comes with three different dimensions. You can check the details below.

Case DimensionsOverall DimensionsWeight
21in x 14in x 8in24in x 14in x 8in8.6 lbs
25in x 18in x 8.5in28in x 18in x 8.5in10.5 lbs
29in x 20in x 9.5in32in x 20in x 9.5in12.10 lbs

Drawbacks of the American Tourister luggage

It seems like the biggest possible complaint about this luggage could be if you load the with heavier items. This means that if you leave the hand off your luggage, there is a possibility of flipping. If you just do not take care for a moment, the luggage can fall over. The new style of wheels that this product is featuring may help but you need to be careful anyway.

What customers are saying about American Tourister

While we are constantly getting customer reviews and we go through all of them, we can easily make a conclusion. Most of the reviews are positive, the customers are satisfied with the product and there are no huge issues related to the product. Overall, the ratings are great and customer satisfied whit the product which made it to meet their expectations.

Final Verdict

Finally, we came to the very end of this American Tourister review. There is nothing much left to say from our side. You read about the available features, specifications and drawbacks of this product. In order to make it more clear, we also mentioned the reviews provided by our customers. However, now we believe that you can make a good decision on your own and give another look and dimension to your traveling experience.

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