Antler Luggage Review

You have some trips planned ahead but your luggage case is old and broken? No worries, Antler is right here to help you. In this Antler luggage review we would like to introduce one really good luggage case. But first, let us say a few words about the company.

Antler is a well-established British company, existing since 1914. With their passion for craftsmanship, Antler is a leading brand across the globe. Antler is proud of their Great British Design, achieved by the talented team of designers, based in London HQ. Among the great design, the company is providing tested products, produced under really high standards. The company’s history can speak about the quality and trust they succeed to reach. All of this got them topping our list of best luggage brands. Now, check our Antler luggage review to find out more about the product.

antler luggage review

Antler Luggage Review – Features

Antler Juno is a four-wheel luggage case which will make your traveling experience comfortable and nice. Produced under the Antler trademark, this product has a lot of great features. The high quality, durability and performance are just some among them.

Design and Performance

Designed with love and passion, your trips will be stylish and performed with an ease. Antler Juno is constructed out of a tough polypropylene material. The lightweight but strong design will add to the transportation and carrying of this luggage.
The 360 degree, multi-directional rotating wheels will contribute to the easy performance. The trolley system has a feature of locking so your luggage can stay safe when you leave it. This also provides and effortless control over the luggage. Top handle availability is another feature adding to the performance.

Constructed To Meet The Standards

In order to meet the standards of almost all airline companies, this luggage comes with well measured dimensions. The 31.6” high and 12.4” width well designed luggage will provide enough storage space. Also, it is well organized to keep your belonging safe, even during the most uncomfortable trips.

Elegance At a Glance

You can purchase this product in a few different colors. By choosing the one that you like the most, you will open another dimension of your traveling experience. The modern and simple design will provide an elegant and stylish look. For sure, this will add more to your future trips and adventures.

best luggage brands reviews

Interior Design

How many times you came back from a trip with a messy luggage case? Maybe you could not easily find what you were looking for, too? There is a solution for those problems as well. Hence, the Antler luggage case has a fully lined interior, coming with two elastic packing straps. Also, the luggage features a full length mesh pocket with a zip fastening. As a result, your belongings will stay secured in place during your travel time. Antler’s designer team always takes care about such details.


The outside construction of the luggage is well made and strong. But sometimes the lightweight and strong construction material is not enough. As an extra feature, Antler Juno has a secured TSA lock.
The luggage case could be opened only but TSA agents, without any risk and damage potential. This means that if there is need for security check, the TSA agent can easily open the luggage case. After the inspection the TSA agent will lock it back without causing troubles. Sometimes the airport checking could be tough, uneasy and unbearable. But with the Antler’s security features your trips will reach another dimension of traveling experience. As a result, you do not have to worry about anything and still stay safe and secure.


Are you tired of constantly buying new luggage cases? Something breaks after you use it a few times? Antler has a solution for this problem too. Among the high standards, quality production and design, Antler’s Juno is providing extra opportunity. The warranty which not many brands are providing is waiting for you. The company is very dedicated to its customers and is trying to deliver its best. Because of that the product is coming with a 10-year warranty. With this feature, your worries can come to an end.

antler luggage

Antler Luggage Review – Specifications

In order to provide the best experience and performance, Antler Juno has a variety of available features and specifications. We already examined some of the most important features that this luggage case is possessing. Now, it is time to take a closer look to its specifications.

LockingTSA Combination Lock
Warranty10 year

Antler Luggage Drawbacks

Honestly, this is a brand with great history and success behind. The Antler Juno is a spacious luggage case offering its best. The outside shell is made out of light material. The sides are sturdy but thin. As a result, it might not be as rigid as you expect. This may be one of the possible drawbacks of this product but the savings in weight are much more important.

Antler Luggage – Customer opinions

While going through the reviews provided by our customers we can conclude that the product will meet your expectations. We got a dozens of positive comments and reviews. Antler’s products are strongly recommended by most of the customers. There are a few which did not have the best experience with the product. But the number of those is negligible. Anyway we guarantee you high quality and long term durability.

Final Verdict

To sum up, in this review we examined the most important features and specifications that the product is providing. A great quality, design and performance are now available in one place. Purchase this Antler Juno luggage and get the best out of it during your trips. Honestly, in this price range, Antler is a leading brand and you cannot find a better option. Finally, we hope that this Antler luggage review will help you make a good decision on buying your next luggage.

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