Best Drones

Drones are the newest thing on the market today, and most of the people are already lining up to get their hands on the finest piece. But unlike other words, the drones are much more than just a showpiece and can be used in multiple fields. The drones are improving day by day and are getting economical as well, which makes it essential for the user to have some idea about the different aspects of a drone and what can they expect from a drone that comes under the list of best drones under 200.

best drones under 200

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind while buying the best drones under 200 are:

  • The purpose of the drone: – it is important to keep in mind the use for which you are purchasing the drone. Some of the favorite reasons for which people buy the drones are the toy drones, photography drones, and racing drones. The design of Toy drones is best suited for the indoor activities. The photography drones, as the name suggests, is specially designed so that it can help in taking photographs at different occasions like a marriage or a trip to the wildlife. They don’t make much noise and have a high-end camera fixed to it. The racing drones build in such a way that they are incredibly lightweight and can pick up speed and acceleration at a rapid rate. They have very high agility, speed, and durability.
  • Drone batteries: – Using this depends on the duration for which the drone will be flying. On an average, the battery life usually ranges from 5-25 minutes and are rechargeable. These batteries take almost an hour to get a recharge, so it is advisable to have more that one set of cells together all the time.
  • Software used: – the software using here depends on the various functions of the best drones under 200. The software will decide if your drone has GPS positioning in itself or not, can it be connected to the Wi-Fi or not.
  • Economical: – if you have no prior experience with the drones, it recommends that you buy a toy drone first so that you can at least learn how to fly and control the drone without burning a hole in your packet.

So, these were some of the things that can help you in buying the best drones under 200. These drones are readily available in the market because of their sheer popularity and economic value.

We will be discussing 5 of the most popular best drones under 200 so that you can get a fair idea of what you can have in such drones.

RCtown Brushless Drone

best drones under 200-RCtownRCtown is relatively new to the market, but have been making waves since the release of their products. And with this product, one can safely say that they have officially joined the big players in the industry. This product bounds with almost all the features that are available out there. High speed, stability, high definition camera, good flying time, you name it, this product has it. In addition to all these features, the brushless motor of this drone makes it stand apart from the rest. This modification has resulted in making it faster, fly higher and a lasting battery life concerning the other batteries when comparing the performance. The camera attached is the best that is available in the market, able to capture breathtaking photos just in one click from almost any height. The reception of the signal at altitudes where the drone looks like a tiny object remains strong and the user has full command over the drone.


  • This drone is astonishingly fast and doesn’t take any time to be high up in the sky and zoom here and there at high speed.
  • The brushless motor of the drone makes it faster, allows it to go higher and last longer.
  • The camera attached to the drone is in a league of its own and allows the user to click photos from a great height.
  • The signal reception even when the drone is 300-500metres away is strong, and the user is still in full command of the drone.


  • There are drones available on the market that has longer battery life. However, the performance may not be the same.
  • There are No such cons at this price rate.
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Holy Stone Drone

best drones under 200-Holy StoneHoly Stone is a well-known name in the drone fraternity and has been manufacturing quality drones for some time now. They have set a high standard for others and themselves as well but manage to pass it with their every new product. And this product is about the same as well, leading newer heights that no one has ever touched before. The striking feature of this drone is that it has gyro technology, which allows it to be extra stable in the air so that one can do different tricks in the air including 360o flips. The remote of the drone has many new functions such as holding the altitude button with some pressure will make the drone go higher and higher even after you have released the button. It can allow the user to take the photos with much ease, with the help of the HD camera that offers a first-person view at the breathtaking quality.


  • We can easily control the drone with the help of the remote which has multiple features on it, allowing the user to do various tricks.
  • With the help of a mobile device, we can control the drone by installing the required application.
  • The gyro technology gives extra stability to the product.


  • The flight time of the drone is maximum 10 minutes, which is very low as compared to the other drones that are available in the market.
  • One can only fly the drone at a distance of 50-100metres, after which one will start losing control of the drone. The distance is less as compared to the other drones.
  • The remote of the drone because of its so many features are very complicated and may get stuck at some point in time.
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SereneLife Foldable Drone

best drones under 200 SereneLifeThis product is in a league of its own because of the multiple features that are given in the product along with the long flight time, making it the favorite of the people. The fact that a less known manufacturer makes it makes it economical as well as loaded with features, making it a double treat. The control of the drone is pretty simple as well, making it well suited for the beginners as well. They can learn the basics of a drone flying of this model, and when they feel they have learned enough, can start going to the next level with this drone itself. The headless mode of the drone is a special addition which makes the flying and control of the drone very easy. The drone has a gyro system as well, making it much more stable in the air than other of its counterparts. The camera attached to the drone is capable of capturing videos and photos in high definition, making it suitable for photography and monitoring projects. With the addition to all this, the manufacturers offer 100% cash back if the user is not satisfied with the drone.


  • The camera of the drone can record and capture videos and images in high quality.
  • The headless mode allows the drone to fly in the direction in which the transmitter. It will enable the user to enjoy more of the flying and worry less about the drone getting lost.
  • The gyro technology enables the drone to be stable in the air even if there is a presence of mild wind currents outside.


  • While airborne, the drone veers to the right.
  • The remote is not durable.
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GordVE RC Drone

best drones under 200-GordVE RC DroneThe drone comes with a plethora of features at such a price which raises eyebrows among the masses about its quality. But the quality of the drone is on par with the best out there, and it matches pretty well with the performance of that high profile costly drones. The remote control of the drone has the pressure sensing altitude button which, when pressed for some time will allow the drone to go higher up in altitude even after the user has released the button. It makes taking the photos and videos much more comfortable for the user as they can entirely focus on that. One can also create the route for a drone with the help of an app and Wi-Fi. Last but not the least, the headless mode of the drone is what makes it unique for the beginners and the experienced persons as well. This mode allows the drone to move in that direction in which the transmitter is so that the user can focus on enjoying flying the plane somewhat keeping their focus all the times at the location and orientation of the drone.


  • The headless mode allows the user to control the direction of the drone by just directing the transmitter.
  • The flying time of the drone is a bit longer than what the other drones offer.
  • One can customize the route of the drone, according to their preference.
  • The LED lights are also given on the drone so that one can fly it at night as well.


  • The quality of the camera is not up to the mark, and the pictures are a bit hazy.
  • The signal reception is strong only up to 50 meters or so.
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Holy Stone Quadcopter

best drones under 200-Holy StoneThe outcome in our list, this one is the best of the lot when it comes to performance and the number of features. The remote of the drone features the power altitude button which allows the drone to go upwards even after the user has removed their finger from the switch, allowing them to take the photos freely. The camera of the drone is highly functional and high tech, allowing the user to capture videos and take photos in 1080p so that the user doesn’t miss on anything. The gyro technology is used in this drone as well, making it much more stable in the air than the others. In addition to all that, there is one key landing and emergency stop button as well, which can recall the drone to its take-off location in case of an emergency? It can also control the LED lights on the drone.


  • The drone allows the user to call back the drone to its original takeoff position with the help of one key return button.
  • The headless mode allows the user to steer the drone easily.
  • The camera of the drone captures photos of very high quality.
  • There is triple protection provided to the drone so that it doesn’t break easily in case of any contact.


  • The cost of the drone may be a bit too much for the beginners, and they may opt for models that are a bit economical.
  • The camera of the drone doesn’t allow the first-person view, which may cause some complications while taking photos.
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