Brics Luggage Review

Traveling is part of our everyday life no matter if we are planning a business trip, family vacation or just a weekend off. In all of the cases it is important to pack everything you need. At the same time, you must think of the space you need, and also the space you have available. There are a lot of products available on the market but it is always a question what is the best. At the start of this Bric’s luggage, let us first introduce the company.

Bric’s is an Italian brand which was founded in 1952. It has a long history and a successful story behind. In short period of time, the company became a global recognized brand offering a wide range of quality products. With their focus on quality, style, aesthetics, fashion, functionality and durability it represents a leading brand in the worldwide industry. If you want to carry one piece of timeless design and exemplary craftsmanship this is the best choice for you. Scroll down our Bric’s luggage review and find out more about the product, and why Bric’s made our list of best luggage brands.

Bric's Luggage Review

Bric’s Luggage Review – Features

Before you start planning your next trip, it is good to already have a proper luggage case. This will help you to better plan and organize your traveling. No matter if you are traveling alone, with family or friends, in any case you will need an appropriate luggage. In order to know if this is the right choice for you, read our Bric’s luggage review carefully. Here, we will represent some of the most important features that the product is offering you, along with its specifications.

Exterior and Interior Design

Produced under the name of an Italian brand, the fashionable and stylish look is a must. With this luggage your traveling experience will reach another level of fashion. For all the passionate traveler who care about style, this would be the right choice

When we talk about the interior part, this Bric’s luggage is offering an interior pocket. The security and safety provided are guaranteed. The luggage is suitable for both short and long trips. If you are traveling for a few days, this luggage would be simply enough for the necessary items. In case you have planned ahead a long trip, you can simply take it and use it as an additional luggage. However, in both cases your belongings will stay organized and safe during the trips.

Bric's Luggage

Zipper Closure

In order to ensure additional security, the luggage features zipper closure. The zipper closure does not come with a locking system. And this is not something that should make you feel worried. The luggage is designed to allow you using some locking systems of your own. However, being locked or not does not really matter. The zipper closure is high quality, secure and strong enough. As a result, the zipper will never open on its own. Your belongings will stay secured inside this great Bric’s luggage.

10in Shoulder Trap

Many times while traveling we are carrying a trolley base luggage or other things and our both hands are busy. Bric’s has a great solution for this problem. The luggage comes along with a shoulder trap which is 10in long. If you do not need the shoulder trap, you can simply remove it. If you need the shoulder strap, simply put it back into its place. Hence, you will be able to move easily with the luggage and transport it with an ease.

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Leather Corners

As we already mentioned the exterior and interior design as an important feature, there is something else important too. For extra security and stability, the Bric’s luggage is featuring a leather corners. This provides additional protection of your luggage. As a result, your luggage with the belongings inside will stay safe and secured in its place.

Bric’s luggage Review – Specifications

In this review we have already represented the features that this luggage is offering. But it is always better to know more. Among the great features, there are a few important specifications worth mentioning. Check below and learn more.

Locking SystemNo


Honestly, this is a high quality and durable product which does not really have any drawbacks. Maybe some of you will find the not available TSA locking system as a drawback. Or the lack of trolley system may seem as a downside to some customers. But in reality, those are not the necessary and most important features for one luggage. However, we can assure you that this luggage has everything you need, providing you a fashionable style and extreme durability.

What customers are saying about the Bric’s luggage pieces

On a daily basis, we are receiving many customer reviews. And we can simply say all of them are positive. Our customers are constantly expressing their satisfaction of owning such a product and it is highly recommended for every woman. The most positive reviews say about the excellent durability of the product. Also, the look and fashion style are one of the most considered and loved features. Many of our customers said that it is a great addition to any trolley luggage and they simply adore it.

Final Verdict

At the end of this Bric’s luggage review, there is nothing much left to say from our side. As we examined and talked about the most important features, specifications and possible drawbacks, we came to a conclusion. Honestly, this is an amazing high quality product produced under extreme standards. This Italian brand which is well-known around the globe guarantees you excellent traveling experience. We hope that our review will help you make a good decision and purchase a stylish and modern piece of luggage. Take the step and walk into the worlds of travelers with a style.

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