How to calculate linear inches

In order to measure baggage and better flight regulation, “linear inches” is a term invented by the airline industry. It is not something very complicated, but yet a measurement which requires some attention and precision. Most of the airline companies have the same standards and regulations. However, before traveling you must check the restrictions provided by the company which is operating your flight. Here we would like to briefly explain what does linear inches mean and simply how to calculate linear inches.

The calculation process is very simple and easy. All you need is a tape measure or ruler and a calculator. Follow the steps below and start the measure process.

How To Calculate Linear Inches

Step 1: Measure the Length, Width and Height

Before you start measuring it is important to know what to include in your measurement. This means in your measurement you must include things like wheels, handle or outer compartments. Then, by using a tape measure or ruler carefully measure the length of your luggage. We recommend you to write it down and continue measuring the width and height, also keeping note of the dimensions. Once you are done, go to the step two of the calculation process.

Important Note: Make sure that your measurement unit is inches. In case you are using other measurement unit, convert the dimensions to inches.

Step 2: Find the Sum of the Measurements

In order to get the correct value of the linear inches, it is important to precisely complete the first step. If you are not sure about your measurements, we recommend you to repeat step 1. Once you have the accurate length, width and height values, simply by using a calculator sum them up and get the result. Then the obtained result will simply represent the value of linear inches.

Step 3: Know the Limits and Fees

When traveling linear inches is one important restriction for checked and carry-on luggage. It is crucial to know what are the limits for both checked and carry-on luggage. It is also very significant to know the additional fees. To keep the cost minimal, stay strict to the restrictions provided by your airline company. Restrictions may vary from one airline company to another.

In case you are not sure about the final result, you can repeat the steps all over again. Additional reminder, it is important to get the accurate measurements in inches. Then sum up the obtained dimensions.

How to Calculate Linear Inches – Conclusion

On a short note, the “How to Calculate Linear Inches” process is very simple and easy. To perform this, you need just minimal tools like ruler or tape measure, calculator and a piece of paper to write the obtained result. Sometimes it can be a little bit confusing yet very simple thing to do. Hence, we decided to write this short “How to Calculate Linear Inches” and help you get correct measurements. And again, check your airline restrictions before traveling in order to avoid extra fees. Finally, we hope that you find this helpful.

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