How to choose a handheld GPS for hunting

If you are a passionate hunter, then owning a GPS device is a must for you. While most of the devices are offering a small built-in flash light, you can easily move in the dark. But also, you should not leave any marks for the other hunters. Hence, you do not want to use any reflective marker or reflective pins. The GPS device is right what you need. But how often did you ask yourself how to choose a handheld GPS for hunting? No worries. You can easily find an answer here.

But not only that, you can also mark the most important way-points. If you are hunting very often, then probably it happened that you come back without your prey. In order to avoid such cases, it is important to choose a good handheld GPS for your hunting experience. The features and specifications which one GPS devices is offering must be in a good correspondence with the price. Hence, you have to search for the device which has the most appropriate features, according to your hunting needs.

How to choose a handheld GPS for hunting

Satellite Reception and Positioning

Some units on the market have a better satellite reception then others and they manage to 3D lock your position. If the antenna of the unit is larger, then it will lock your position faster. There are some GPS devices which come with a dual band GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning. This is a great combination which will allow you create and save precise routes.

Mapping Software

In order to know if the device is featuring a good mapping software, you have to know its capabilities and specifications. Since the GPS devices are coming with their own software, one may be better than the other. Check if you will be able to share way points and routes via Google Earth or using a social media. Also, find out if the platform works with other devices such as PC.


If the handheld GPS has an available Bluetooth connectivity, you are getting the best out of it. With this feature, you can easily share routes and way-points with your friends and colleagues, via wireless connection.

Battery and Charging

Before buying the devices, check what type of batteries does it require. Next, check how long the batteries last and if they are matching your usual hunting time. Also, find out how the charging works. Some of the GPS devices are working on AA batteries and this is fine. Maybe you would like to use rechargeable batteries for which a specific charger is required. However, the handheld GPS may come with a USB charging cable and also works with traditional batteries. This makes the chosen device extremely versatile.

So, how to choose a handheld GPS for hunting?

Sometimes choosing a handheld GPS for your hunting experience may not be that easy. Having at least some guidelines about how to choose the right GPS device could be useful. Different type of hunting requires different available features. Check what you need the most and according to your needs make a decision. What is good for other hunters may not always meet your needs.

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