Garmin Oregon 650t Review

The Garmin Oregon 650t comes loaded with tons of features that are essential for anyone going outdoors. No matter what your purpose, may it be hunting, hiking, or just camping with family and friends, the Oregon 650t is the perfect companion for you. In our Garmin Oregon 650t review, we will also be going over the possible reasons to not buy this handheld GPS unit, which are so negligible that it made our list of best handheld GPS devices anyways.

garmin oregon 650t review

Pros, cons, and features of the Garmin Oregon 650t

The Oregon 650t comes with a sunlight-readable 3” touchscreen that has a multi-touch capacity. It is a huge bonus over button-operated GPS units. And multi-touch means even more functionality and ease of use. The screen is also auto-rotate. Landscape or portrait: now you can see your location and the map in both views.

Satellite position is not special in any way. It comes with the standard technologies that you would expect. GLONASS is included. The sensors are also standard for this price range. The compass is 3-axis. Further, the Oregon 650t comes with an accelerometer and barometric altimeter as well.

Now, sharing is easier. The 650t has Bluetooth. You can share custom waypoints, tracks, geocaches, and even the photos that you take and much more between different units.

There is the option to rather use rechargeable batteries instead of the traditional AA batteries. We won’t recommend that because how are you going to find a power source on outings spanning multiple days or even weeks? Also, the rechargeable NiMH batteries are very costly.

There is a camera included. The camera is 8 megapixels and comes with autofocus, digital zoom, and an LED flash for low-light or night shooting. Now, capturing your favorite moments will be easier because the GPS unit is mostly out in your hands, while bring your cellphone out might mean losing the moment or worrying about the battery charge left in your cell phone later on.

garmin 650t reviews

Our findings: Garmin Oregon 650t review

The Garmin Oregon 650t was an absolute beauty to use. It is powerful, elegant, and efficient. We faced no problems at all. This is essentially all you would expect from a handheld GPS unit, if not more. We loved the screen, the camera, the build quality, the battery backup, and so on. Read more to learn our further findings regarding the 650t and why we call it one of the best GPS navigators out there right now.

One of the things we liked a lot when in actual use is the usability of the product. Let’s break it down into two parts. First of all, the build quality is just the right amount of tough and good. It is rugged like it should be. All the little mechanisms of the hardware work absolutely fine and smoothly. Second, the user interface is a major improvement over predecessor Garmin GPS units. Things are much more user-friendly now. Navigating through the various features and browsing for something you are looking for are both very easy with the Oregon 650t.

Although the screen is really good under the sun, you should keep adjusting the brightness so that you can save some power along the way. It is not something you must do, just something you should get in the habit of doing whenever out. If you are going to be in shade or under forest cover for long periods of time, it doesn’t hurt to turn the backlight down and save some battery while doing so.

garmin oregon 650t

Now, why shouldn’t you buy the Oregon 650t?

Well, first of all, if your requirements for outdoors are light, then you don’t need this. There are cheaper handheld GPS units. However, most of them would be button-operated. Further, you can’t be sure that you will get a very clear map or a good screen that has good clarity even under the sun.

Another reason to not go for the Oregon 650t was something we learned from a selection of our handheld GPS customers. The price. It can easily cross your budget. The original price is about $550. However, there is a chance to rejoice there. Right now, you can buy the Oregon 650t at the price of less than what an average handheld GPS unit from Garmin would cost: around $280. It is an absolute steal and you should totally go for it.

Customer response to the 650t

The Garmin Oregon 650t fares really well with the customers. It has tons of positive reviews and appraisals. People often call it the perfect GPS receiver. And there is no overestimation there. Simply with the host of features and quality of service, it proves to be one of the perfect, if not the perfect, handheld GPS device.

Customers also love the inclusion of the camera. The camera, just like the rest of the body, is waterproof. A waterproof camera on a device with a huge battery backup is much better than a cellphone. And people are right when they say that it is one of the best features of the Oregon 650t. It gives you the ability to not only store your track log but also snap pictures to keep memorabilia from your journey.

Wrapping up our Garmin Oregon 650t review

Overall, we would like to say that the Oregon 650t is one of the best handheld GPS units currently out on the market. There is a slight glitch in the software that sometimes makes the unit crash, but the problem is rare. If you experience the problem, be sure to return or replace your product as soon as possible.

More than that, we can’t really add anything to what is there already. The Oregon 650t is not one of the best because of some special feature. It is one of the best simply because it has tons of features that are top of the line and best in the industry. Designed by people with outdoors experience, it will be a great aid to any outdoor trip you are on.

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