Lojel Luggage Review

When it comes to traveling, one of the most important things is the luggage. It should always be organized and placed safe. Also, searching for a good product is often uneasy and tiring. In order to make it easier for you, we have created this Lojel luggage review. But first of all, let us say a few words about the company and the story behind.

Lojel is a famous brand which, founded in 1989. It is an international brand producing a variety of high quality luggage and other different travel accessories. The company’s success is based on their passion for design and mission to deliver high quality products. Today, this Japan based brand is operating in more than 30 countries on 5 continents. Their innovative and creative solutions will take you to the next level of traveling experience, which is part of the reason you can find them on our list of best luggage brands.

Lojel Luggage Review

Lojel Luggage Review – Features

In order to get the best out of your trips, a high quality luggage always plays a roll. There are many different brands available on the market. But the same question always comes on our mined before purchasing the new luggage. Which one to choose? In this Lojel luggage review we would like to represent a few important features that this product is providing. Read more below.

Exterior and Interior Design

One feature that always comes into consideration is both, the exterior and interior design of one luggage. Lojel’s designers found a good solution and created the very stylish and modern design. The exterior construction is made out of 100% virgin pure makrolon polycarbonate. Together with Lojel’s patented material, this construction achieved great strength and ultra-light weight at the same time. Also, the exterior is very flexible and the durability is guaranteed.

Lojel Luggage

The interior part consists of an easy access front compartment, suitable for a laptop or tablet. In order to keep your items safe an organized, the interior is well planned and carefully designed. It is one of the very few cases in the industry where this feature is available. The stylish look, nice color and great design will make your traveling experience more comfortable and exciting.

Great Performance

This Lojel Lucid luggage allows you to perform easy and multidirectional movements. Even if your luggage is fully loaded, you will not have difficulty while transporting it. The product is featuring 3 stage trolley and quiet running wheels. Hence, it offers an effortless and smooth movement and performance. The Lojel Lucid luggage also features a removable wheel system.

lojel lucid luggage review

Coil Zipper

Prevention of breaking and opening of the luggage is ensured by the burst – free double coil zipper. Also, this feature keeps you away from thieves and makes the airport security check easier.

TSA Locking System

In order to increase the security and safety level, this luggage provides an extra TSA locking system. This means, if there is any need for security check on your luggage, it could be easily opened. Any TSA agent can open your luggage then inspect it and the safely close it again. All of that without leaving a single mark or serious damage. This is very important feature because sometimes we find our luggage broken or damaged because of security checks.

Foam Handle

In cases, spinning, pushing or pulling your luggage is not available. Hence, there is need of another available option for easy transportation of your luggage. The Lojel Lucid luggage provides a carefully designed foam handle. As a result, when you are lifting your luggage you will get additional comfort. Sometimes you will have to carry the luggage and not just lift it for a moment. Is such situations it’s important to have a well designed and constructed handle which will keep the weight minimal.

Standard Dimensions

This is a regular sized carry – on luggage designed to meet almost all worldwide airline standards. The inner dimensions of the luggage are 28.5in x 21in x 13in.

Lojel Luggage Review – Specifications

In order to meet our traveling needs, we always put the features and specifications of a product into consideration. As we already mentioned some of the great features that this product is possessing, it’s time to represent its specifications. Check the table below to find out more.

Dimensions11.4in x 28in x 19.3in
Side Carry HandleYes, Foam Handle
Locking SystemYes, TSA Approved

Lojel Luggage Drawbacks

This product doesn’t really have some drawbacks. Maybe the front compartment which is designed for laptop, tablet and other small items takes more space. Someone may prefer carrying the laptop in a backpack. In that case you can use the front compartment for many other and also bigger things. Honestly, I do not consider this as a drawback but another additional feature.

How customers are responding to Lojel luggage products

We are constantly receiving customer reviews and honestly almost all of them are positive. People say that it is a lovely luggage and the hard sided style is just amazing. Also, people love the zipper which offers another couple of inches’ expansion. Another thing, we got many positive reviews on the 360-degree multi-directional wheel system. It keeps the direction performing smooth and silent movement.

Final Verdict

Finally, we came to the end of this Lojel luggage review and there is nothing much left to say. We can only make a final conclusion that this product is really well designed. Which is also offering you a wide range of available features. In order to improve your traveling experience, there is a front compartment and a possibility of a few inches’ expansion. All in all, this is a leading brand in the luggage industry. Honestly, you cannot find a better one in the same price range. We really hope that this Lojel luggage review was helpful for you. Now, it is your turn to make a decision. Purchase the product which that will keep you company on your next traveling adventure.

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