How to measure luggage size

All of the national and international airline companies have some standards and specific luggage size and luggage weight restrictions. Usually if you overcome their limits, they are charging additional fees. It is very important to know the limits and total size of your luggage before traveling. In order to help you avoid unnecessary extra fees, we wrote this article. To get correct values, make sure you follow the steps below. If you are wandering how to measure luggage size, this is the right article for you.

How to Meassure Luggage Size

Step 1

Place your luggage upright. Using a tape measure or a ruler, measure the luggage length from top to bottom. Please do not forget to include outer parts such us the luggage wheels. Write your result on paper in order not to forget it.

Step 2

To get the precise width, your luggage should be fully packed and placed on a flat surface. Again, use the tape measure or ruler to measure how wide your luggage is. Write the obtained value on paper as well.

Step 3

The next item for measuring is your luggage height. To get the most accurate and precise measurement, you should go past the zipper and the top corner area. In this case you will have any front compartments or pockets included in the measurement. And again, write the measurement on paper to have it as a reminder in case you forget it.

Step 4

If you are not sure of the measurement accuracy, we recommend you to repeat steps 1, 2 and 3. Once you are done with all of the above steps and measurements, you can calculate the overall luggage size. Sum up the obtained length, height and width dimensions. The final result that you will get is representing the luggage size.

Step 5

One of the last measurements which is also important is your luggage weight. All of the airline companies have the luggage weight restrictions and you must be careful with it. When fully packed, place your luggage on a scale in order to obtain its weight.


Before traveling, check the airline company’s website for warnings, limits and extra fees. Try to make your luggage fit those restrictions and avoid extra charges.

Most of the national and international airline companies have the same restriction standards. However, yours is no to forget to check the restrictions of the company operating your flight.

Mostly, the airline companies allow passengers on board with only one carry-on bag or personal item.

Sometimes, something could be sorted out while checking in at the airport. But you must not depend on this.

How to Measure Luggage Size – Conclusion

Sometimes it happens to pay more because we were not careful enough with measuring the luggage size. Just a small mistake in the measuring process can cost a lot. And we are sure that you do not want to pay more. In order to prevent this from happening, we wrote this “How to Measure Luggage Size” article. We really hope that you find our article helpful and useful.

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