How to replace wheels on luggage

Traveling and making trip plans is very easy and usual today. No matter if you are going to a long family trip or short business trip, you still need functional luggage. There are a lot of available products on the market. But sometimes, even the highest quality products are subjected to damaging. The luggage is almost always thrown around when traveling. Hence, luggage parts such as wheels are more likely to break. It is important to know how to replace wheels on luggage by yourself, in order to save on additional services.

In order to find out how replace luggage wheels on luggage, follow the steps below.

How To Replace Wheels On Luggage

How To Replace Wheels On Luggage

Things you Need

First of all, let’s see what are the tools that you will need. Usually there are nut bolts on one wheel and to take the wheel off you need a screwdriver. Some wheels have rivets, in which case you will need a drill. Also, you should have a replacement wheels matching the correct size. Some of the wheels are secured with rivets and others with screws. Discover which one you have and based on that start the repairing process.

Screws Secured Wheels

If you have this type of mounting, the wheels have a nut inside the luggage compartment. Open the compartment, locate the nut and then remove it. Also, there is a small clip which is holding the wheel. In order to remove the bolt and damaged wheel, push off the clip. The next step is to place the new wheel in the wheel well. Also, you need to put a washer on each side. Replace the clip and secure the new wheel into its original position. Using the screwdriver, screw up the bolt and tighten the nuts.
Once you are done with the replacement of all the damaged wheels, test the luggage. Make sure everything is secured in its place.

Rivets Secured Wheels

This is a process which requires more attention and work. But it is still possible to repair the wheels at home. Take the drill and use a bit which is slightly larger than the rivet on your luggage. Then carefully drill the end of each rivet. Make sure you do not enlarge the hole. Next, take out the rivet, remove the broken wheel and mount a new rivet from the exterior of the luggage. In order not to slide trough the case, you can mount a washer slid on the interior.
After completing this process and the wheels are replaced, make a luggage test.

How to Replace Wheels on Luggage – Conclusion

By following a few easy steps, you can easily replace the luggage wheels. The luggage cases are usually exposed to damaging or breaking. Before buying a new luggage, at least first try to fix it. We wrote this “How to Replace Wheels on Luggage” article to encourage you to do something by yourself. We think this is something easy which we should all know. Finally, we hope that you find this article helpful and useful.

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