Scrubba Wash Bag: A pocket-friendly portable laundry system

I bought this compact laundry wash bag because of my very frequent travels. Visiting different places bought a lot of problems to me in terms of packing more clothes because of the uncertainty of the availability of affordable laundromats in places I was visiting. But this wash bag has sorted that problem out quite effectively. The wash bag is very light and compact and takes less space than a half litre bottle. Easy to pack and to unfold, it has many uses. It is quite easy to use too. You just have to unfold it, fill about 2-4 litres of water depending on the type of cloth you’re washing, add detergent, roll and clip, and then scrub. The best thing about the wash bag is that it has a good enough capacity to wash up to three garments simultaneously. Purchasing this, I have been able to save a lot of space in my backpack to fill it with souvenirs and other important things without making a mess inside my bag. Once I got the option to wash my own clothes with ease and efficiency, the number of clothes I packed for my ventures went down a considerable amount, giving me a lot of extra space in my bag and reducing the weight to enjoy some benefits at the airport. And as an environmentalist, I also appreciated how much water I was able to save by washing my clothes in this bag. It saves a lot of water compared to washing in sink or in a washing machine. One batch of around 10-15 clothes will hardly take around 8-10 litres of water. This is a very important feature too which goes unnoticed by many people using it. The wash bag can be used as an extra dry bag too if you’re not using it for washing. With all these functions, this wash bag is a very smart purchase for all travellers. I have used this bag on my hiking trips, in cities, on mountains, and even at home. It takes some physical work of scrubbing, but it hardly takes 2 minutes to scrub the clothes inside it properly, and with the smooth texture of the materials, your hands don’t feel rough either. The small nodules inside do all the work of cleaning your clothes better than washing them on your own in a sink. In the long term, this is a far better option than anything else, because it saves you the hassle of finding laundromats in new places you’re going, and saves you a lot of money too. Plus, it is very durable. I have been using this for the past 5 months and it has shown no sign of any damage.

· Very light (145g) and takes less space than a water bottle.
· Easy to use, with instructions printed on the bag itself.
· Saves water.
· Serves good as a dry bag for carrying other things too.
· Cleans clothes better than the traditional sink washing method.
· Money saver in the long term.
· Can be used anywhere.
· Requires physical labour to scrub.

I highly suggest purchasing this wash bag for all the hardcore and frequent travellers out there to get a product that not only saves you money in the long term but also helps the environment by saving water in a good capacity.

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