Skyway Luggage Review

In today’s world, we are planning many business or private trips very often. While traveling we all want to enjoy the trip and to not worry about our luggage case. Sometimes, an old or broken luggage can cause a quite unpleasant traveling experience. Many companies are producing luggage cases but it is always a question which one to choose. One of the companies with a long history and tradition behind is Skyway Luggage Co. In this Skyway luggage review we would like to introduce one of their well-made products. But first, let’s say a few words about the company.

Skyway is an American brand, with great history and tradition, unique design and high quality craftsmanship. Inspired from the growth of the airline industry, this company was founded in 1910. Because of the excitement of air travel, the company was named “Skyway”. The mission of delivering high quality products earned the trust and loyalty of many international travelers, and easily got them in our list of best luggage brands.

Skyway Luggage Review

Skyway Luggage Review – Features

Skyway is not just an amazing product, but also it is a great companion to your trips. Produced under the name of really innovative and famous company, Skyway is offering a wide range of features. In this skyway luggage review we would like to represent some of the products’ highlights. Scroll down this review and learn more about this product.

Premium Light and Sturdy

When we are buying a new luggage case we want it to be lightweight, strong and safe at the same time. The Skyway company has a solution for this. The construction of this Skyway Mirage Superlight Luggage is made out of 100% polyester. The material is really light and strong at the same time. The feature of lightweight but sturdy construction will provide additional performance and easy movement. Hence, your luggage case would be able to survive the most tough and unpleasant trips. Even if the luggage is completely full, you will be still able to perform movements with an ease.

Design and Performance

The product is featuring traditional and stylish design which will give another look to your traveling adventures. It is lightweight but very well designed product and you can get the best out of it. Also, an excellent feature are the spinning wheels. With this availability you would perform easy and multidirectional movements. No matter if you are pushing, pulling or gliding alongside the case, you are getting the best and easiest mobility. All of the design and performance features are put together very well, in order to provide you great stability and reliability. Now, the worries related to missing parts or the possibility of your luggage case breaking down came to an end.

Interior Design

Not only the exterior but also the interior is an important part of the designing process of one product. This Skyway luggage case is featuring a really well designed and organized interior. A full length mesh pocket is ideal for small items which are easy to lose. This will keep them safe in one place, excluding the possibility of loss. Hence, your clothes, health care products or any other belongings will be incredibly organized. Also, it is important to keep them in place during the travel time. The Skyway luggage will take care of this and keep everything safe in its place.

skyway mirage luggage reviews

Additional Handle

You are getting an additional assistance with the side carry handle. Sometimes it is impossible to roll the luggage case and to have a side carry handle is a must. It is not just an ordinary handle placed in some place, but the designers are paying attention to provide the best features. The side carry handle is designed in order to provide easy lifting and extra comfort while carrying the luggage.

Skyway Luggage

Standard Dimensions

All of the airline companies are following some type of a standard when it comes to luggage. This Skyway luggage comes with a well measured dimensions in order to meet the standards of most of the airlines. If your luggage dimensions do not meet the standards, it may happen that you pay more. Skyway Mirage luggage is featuring an exterior with dimensions of 30in height x 20in width and 10in deep. The weight of the luggage is 7.7lbs. This dimensions meet the international airline standards and is an excellent companion for your trips.


While some of the luggage companies do not provide any kind of warranty. But this Skyway luggage comes with a 5 year warranty. This warranty period is quite good if you are traveling very often. In case you do not travel that often, this Skyway luggage may last you a lifetime.

Skyway Luggage Review – Specifications

In order to get the best out of one product, it must provide great features and specifications. In this Skyway luggage review we already represented the most important features. Next, it is time to show the technical specifications of the product. Take a closer look and find out more about this product.

BrandSkyway Luggage Co.
Material100 % Polyester
Warranty5 year

Skyway Luggage Drawbacks

Honestly, this product does not really have some big drawback. But some of you might find the unavailable TSA lock system as a drawback. According to most of our customers, this was not the case and all of them had a nice experience while traveling.

Customers responding to Skyway Luggage

We got many reviews for this product and most of them show almost the same. Customers are mostly satisfied with the product which successfully met their expectations. A great durability, performance and safety is provided with this product.

Final Verdict

Finally, we came to the end of this Skyway luggage review. There is nothing much left to say from our side and we hope that this review will help you make a good decision. All in all, the product is affordable and one among the best in the price range. The provided security, durability, performance and design will pay off. Purchase the product and step into another traveling dimension.

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